Santa Monica Police Enforcing Motorcycle Safety on Sunday

This Sunday, Santa Monica police will be launching the Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation, in an attempt to crack down on motorcyclists who violate traffic laws. This initiative comes less than a month after a motorcyclist died after colliding with an SUV while drag racing another motorcycle in Santa Monica.

On Sunday, extra police officers will be patrolling areas where motorcycle crashes occur, and areas frequented by motorcyclists. The police will be alert for traffic violations made by motorcyclists, as well as other drivers.

Fortunately, motorcycle fatalities in California have been on the decline. In 2008, there were 560 motorcycle fatalities. In 2009, there were 394, and in 2010 there 352. State officials attribute the decline to fewer improperly licensed motorcycle riders. In 2008, 62.7 percent of motorcycle operators under the age of 25 who were killed were improperly licensed. By 2009, that number dropped to 45.5 percent.

I always recommend that new motorcyclists, as well as those who want to fine tune their skills, take a motorcycle safety course. There are several types of classes, and they offer many benefits, including insurance discounts. To find a class near you, visit If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence, contact Southern California motorcycle attorney Donald Sjaarda at 714-963-8216 today.